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Multifunction Products

We provide quality multifunction systems to suit your business and budget. We can offer award-winning brands and can provide support on the product that best suits your document needs.

Multifunction Systems (MFPs) have the ability to copy, print, fax, and to scan to a digital network folder/email. More often, MFP devices are being integrated with desktop software and network applications for increased workflow productivity.


MFP copying offers black and white copy, color copy, and gray scale copy. These different copy types provide organizations with the flexibility of controlling print costs by reducing toner and paper waste. MFP copying is beneficial for large sales departments constantly printing multiple jobs.


MFP printing differs from MFP copying due to its network integration. Printing is sent directly from desktop software on centralized back office applications which produce standardized forms, invoices, etc.

Optical Scanning

MFP scanning enhances the speed of capture and, with easy to use software, creates electronic documents for business-ready use. MFP devices can scan both color and black and white formats and store them in PDF, TIFF, BMP, and JPG formats. MFP devices can deliver copies of the electronic documents to network folders, document management systems, email, network folders, and more.


MFP faxing allows organizations to upgrade traditional fax machines to an all-in-one purpose device. In some cases, MFP devices with fax capabilities also provide desktop faxing software to an organizations computer network.

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