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Electronic Forms

Allow your business to create electronic forms you can easily customize and completely eliminate pre-printed forms. Your business will benefit by conducting personalized one-on-one marketing, as well as marketing to your existing customers on the documents you currently generate for them.

Shift from Pre-printed Forms

If you are using pre-printed forms, you are likely spending a lot of money to maintain those forms. In most cases, the pre-printed form can cost as much as 15 cents per part. That means that a three part form can cost as much as 45 cents.

Your business can significantly reduce its costs in producing invoices, statements, delivery documents, and other forms your system creates for you by printing your variable form content on your low cost multifunction device.

Personalized Marketing

From your accounting system or customer relationship management system, you have large amounts of data at your disposal about your customers. You have the ability to see your customers’ buying habits as well as their buying history. You can create compelling one-to-one marketing materials that are highly personalized for you customers’ individual buying habits by using variable data printing technology and your multifunction system.

Invoice Marketing

Someone who has already purchased from you is your best customer and often the easiest person to sell to. By redesigning your invoices to create space into which an advertisement can fit, you can show your customers current specials you might be offering and encourage them to spend more money with you. The advertisement may be as simple as an ad every customer can see or can be changed based on certain data from the account.

Contacting Multiple Locations

Your data needs to be available in countless locations. Some of your customers may want their invoices mailed, faxed, or emailed; while you may have a need to print a copy for yourself at the same time. Perhaps you have an electronic document management system where you store an image of all your documentation. With eform technology, you can have a copy of the document distributed automatically to the location of your choice. Moreover, these documents will be sent to all those locations automatically.

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