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Digital Duplicators

High volume runs of single-sheet documents like newsletters or classroom handouts can be completed quickly on a digital duplicator for much less than the cost to copy.

Your own Personal Print Shop

A digital duplicator is like having a personal print shop. Simply generate your content on your computer and click print. These ink-based systems automatically generate a master copy (similar to a plate on a press) and then begin making multiple sets.

High Speed

Digital duplicators can run over 100 pages per minute. This is perfect for quick turnaround on high volume jobs.

Low Cost

The operation cost of a digital duplicator is a fraction of the cost of making a copy. That is because the system runs more like a press in a print shop. The system creates a master template and the rest of the pages run at a minimal cost per page.

Spot Color

If you want to add flair to your documents without the cost of a full color print, consider using spot color. Our digital duplicators can overlay spot color on your documents for a fraction of the cost of full color printing.


Digital duplicators are very popular in applications that require high volume runs of one-page documents.

Marketing Departments

If you need to produce large runs of marketing material for direct mail, invoice inserts, or handouts, a digital duplicator is a great solution. The low cost per page lets you do more with your budget and the speed ensures your materials are produced in minutes.


The high speed and low cost per page of a digital duplicator make sense for education applications where large runs of tests, educational handouts, and take-home notes need to be produced.

Print Shops

Sometimes short-run jobs do not justify setting up the press. Not a problem. Simply print the job on your digital duplicator and reserve your press for running long jobs.

To learn more about how you can benefit from Oshkosh Office Systems’ expertise with digital duplicators, contact us today.